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Have you always wanted to create art that gets noticed, but not sure if you have the talent to make it happen?

If so, you'll love Michael's story as he is currently working through Block 4 of the Evolve Artist program ( where students have learned the skills necessary to create professional level illustrative paintings.

In this interview, he will tell you that talent has nothing to do with it because it's all about putting in the work which makes even the highest levels of art attainable to anyone with the desire to learn.

When Michael started with Evolve Artist just over a year ago, he wasn't sure if it would work for him, but he knew that this could be his last real shot at being able to learn the skills that would give him the ability to create the work that he really wanted to make.

Throughout his life, he always had a creative calling and had tried a number of different ways to learn and improve but was never quite happy with where he was with his art.

He made that fateful decision to join Evolve a year ago and now he couldn't be happier.

Michael has the same challenges as most other students... there's family commitments, work commitments, and even travel commitments, but he's prioritized his painting and his results are now clearly on display for anyone to see.

This is the third interview we've had with students in the Evolve program and there are patterns starting to emerge:
- Every student has had a friend or family member want to hire them to create a piece of art (well before they are finished the program)
- Every student made the commitment to do the work
- None of the students claim to have any special talent or ability that's allowed them to develop the mastery they are showing with their work.

So if you've always wanted to learn to create head-turning artwork, and have the willingness to put in the work, there's nothing really stopping you from taking the next step to create your own artistic legacy.

Follow Michael's Progress here:

Join Michael in Evolve Artist:

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After a much needed break, we're back and here's what's been happening the past few months while we've been focusing on developing the new generation of art education with the Evolve program.  


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It's one thing to create a beautiful work of art that's rendered to perfection, but it's an entirely different challenge to express complex ideas with your art.

Today we talk with Dorian Vallejo and explore how he approaches his paintings and the thought process that goes into applying deeper meaning to your art.

We'll also touch on why being comfortable in a career can hold you back, and what it really means to live a fully-engaged life as an artist.

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Today we break down the path that artist and illustrator Cale took to get his freelance career off the ground.

One of the things you'll learn is just how far Cale is willing to go to make sure that his work is always getting into the hands of the right people.

He even tells the stories of how many times he's been rejected and why he sees those as a badge of honor instead of being disappointed.

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